How is this method different than what other business attorneys do?

This process is different than what other business attorneys are offering because:

1) I do not charge hourly.

If you are being charged hourly, you have no expectation of the ultimate price of the attorney’s services because they have no expectation of the time it will take them.

2) I prefer to deal with every possible risk of lawsuit, interruption, and surprises that could hurt your business and personal life.

Most other attorneys only like to one issue at a time since the more issues you have the more they get paid.

3) I want you to be proactive so you can stay in charge and choose your desired outcome for all the potential problems you could run into in both your business and personal life.

Most other attorneys run on an emergency response model, as in, you have an emergency and then you find an attorney. Once again, this helps the attorney because they get paid more for dealing with lawsuits and disputes.

Also, fixing an emergency only allows you to choose from limited options that are dictated by a judge’s view of the law, which likely won’t reflect your desired outcome.

Finally, in the emergency response model, attorneys are not looking into the root causes of your problems, which leads to you having problems over and over.

What does working with you look like?

You can choose to work with me on single issues, or you can choose to work with me on every issue that affects your business and family.

When we work on everything:

1) I get to know you, your business, your family, and your goals.

2) We will identify what areas of your business and family life need to be worked on.

3) You will prioritize what we work on and when.

4) We will work together for up to 4-6 hours a month over the course of a year.

5) You can call or email as often as you like.

6) I will help you identify other professionals and trusted advisors to take your business to the next level.

7) I will help you vet the advice you receive from other professionals.

8) You will finish the program as a Certified Resilient Business.

When we work on 1 area at a time:

1) You will identify what you want to work on.

2) I will tell you my flat fee for doing the work.

3) You will receive your work by the deadline given.

What areas of law do you help me with?

1. Business Law -

Corporate Structure Choices(LLC, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corporation) 

Operating/Partnership Agreement or Bylaws 

Employment Policies 

Sick, Medical, and Family Leave 


Vendor, Employee, and Customer Contracts 

Business Succession Planning 

Buy-Sell Agreements with Key Person Life Insurance

Intellectual Property Protection Strategies

Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Non-Use Agreements 

Licensing Agreements

Franchise Agreements

2. Estate Planning Law -



Medical Power of Attorney;

Financial Power of Attorney

Payable-on-Death ("POD") or Beneficiary Designations

Guardianship & Conservatorship



3. Family Law -

Community Property & Separate Property Agreements 

Property Settlements 

Pre-Nuptual & Post-Nuptual Agreements

4. Real Estate Law - 

Lease Drafting 

Lease Review 


Landlord/Tenant Issues

LLCs or Trusts for Real Estate Investments

What makes this method unique?

We assist in EVERY area of a business owner's life.

Most other attorneys just help with slices of your life. We help with the whole pie.

How do you work with my CPA, Financial Advisor, and Other Professionals?

We work with them. We do not replace them. They are the pros in their areas of advice. We need to know their plans for you to ensure what we are all doing aligns with your goals.

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